This Is The Closest We Will Get
Deprived of the privilege to see my grandfather alive, upon growing up I realized that I have habits and interests similar to that of his. He was a freedom fighter, teacher, radio jockey, photographer and a poet too. As I grew older, I developed an eagerness towards his life and the only way for me to learn more about him was through my father and scavenging through my family archives.

My minute discoveries about my grandpa’s life became a way of exploring my relationship with my father. There is a polarity linked with my father’s behaviour that often makes me feel that we are very distant even though we share the domestic space. Maybe the only true heirloom is memories and intergenerational traumas. There are a lot of stories of Indian freedom struggle but our contemporary time often makes me think if we ever achieved freedom. With constant silencing of voices, ideas, institutionalized oppression and rampant nationalism, I think of the battles fought to free us all. We live in a contrasting time. This is about preserving what is known and exploring the in- between moments of conflicts and negotiations in our private space.